Broken Souls by Evan Grace

She destroyed my family.

After ten years, Brylee Whitmore has returned to our home town, giving me my shot at revenge. I thought it would be simple, but she’s changed. I was supposed to make her pay for what she’s done, so why do I feel like I have to fix her instead?

Coming home was a mistake.
If my dad wasn’t sick, I would have stayed away. Chase Foster plans to exact his revenge, and I deserve it. I’m supposed to pay for my sins, but now he wants to fix me instead. Too bad there’s nothing left to fix.

One Tragedy.
Two broken people.
Can he forgive her?
Can she forgive herself?


ellie's $0.02:

The love story of Chase and Brylee.

This is not your typical romance or is it?  I picked this one up really not knowing what to expect, as I think ALL readers should do, so this review will be kept vague, short, and sweet.

I was blown away, I was shattered, I was a wreck reading this. 

I wanted to love Chase, I did love Chase, then I didn't love Chase.

I can't say more except trust me that this one is worth picking up blind.  Go in not knowing.  Ride the words, the flow and the plot.  You'll be blown away.  And it'll be oh so worth your time.

Bravo, Evan.  Seriously.  BRAVO.  An absolutely amazing read.

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