Quicksand (Only Time Will Tell Series: Book One) by Dyllan J. Erikson

I thought I was prepared for all the 'what if's'.

I was prepared for the long deployments. I was prepared for the risks that come with being a military wife. But what I never considered was that he would bring the war home with him. I never thought he would take his own life.

For two years, I've woken every morning with a shattered heart. Two soul crushing years of sitting in this house alone, missing him. Until I wrote it all down, put my finger on the button, and clicked.

One single email.

One small confession.

And everything changed.

ellie's $0.02:

This is a story of healing.  A story of moving on and not forgetting.  Sometimes life moves super fast, sometimes it moves super slow.  This has it all.

They met online over email.  They connected for whatever unknown reason.  And it worked.  It's not conventional.  It's not logical.   It's not traditional.  But they connected.

This is Dyllan's debut novel and she wrote smoothly and precisely.  She told a story from her heart.  She told what military life is like.  She told the heartache, the healing, the love, the life.

It's raw and it's emotional.

Great debut and am excited to see what else we get from Dyllan!


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