Holding Onto Forever (The Beaumont Series: Next Generation #1) by Heidi McLaughlin

The road for Noah Westbury has been carved out for him, long before he knew who his father was. Making sure he worked hard to deserve the opportunities provided to him, Noah is exactly where he dreamed of being - starting QB for Portland Pioneers. Together with a Victoria Secret's model girlfriend by his side, life couldn't get much better. Except for the fact that standing in his path is Peyton Powell-James, his life-long friend and the one woman he can never have.

Peyton Powell-James always knew her future would be in football and dreams of having a successful sports journalism career once she graduates college. After being given an assignment to cover a professional game from the sidelines, Peyton believes that everything is going to plan until one fateful night changes her life. 

Harsh reality sets in for Noah and Peyton. One could lose everything, while the other one struggles to keep the families together.

ellie's $0.02:

To pick my favorite Heidi McLaughlin book is like having to eat tacos just one day a week.  Impossible.

This is the start of the next generation.  Literally.  It's the Next Generation series of the Beaumonts.  And yeah, the next generation is all grown up and falling in love and having sex.  Weird.

You do not have to have read the Beaumont Series to understand and enjoy this series.  Of course, the characters appear in this one and was so cool to have them woven into the story.  So those of you that have read it will enjoy their presence.  Those of you who have not will enjoy their presence.  Either way... it's a plethora of appearances.

But the baby Beaumonts being grownups is not a disappointment.  And I believe starting Chapter 2 of this book, I had water streaming out of my eyes and made it damn near impossible to read (or edit).  Goddamn you, Heidi!

This one ripped my guts out.  It made me smile.  It made me feel things.... all kinds of things.  I stressed reading this and I stress to everyone reading THIS to pick up this book.

This is so well-written, it's a little ridiculous.

Once again, I applaud McLaughlin.  


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