Ten Feet Tall - New Single by Justin Forsyth

I told you that we sometimes feature music, art, photography, etc.  Well today is LNB's #TuneInThursday and we want you to check out this new single Ten Feet Tall by Justin Forsyth!


Here is what our staff had to say about this amazing single!

In a weird way, it reminds me of Slipknots Snuff. I hear it in the simple guitar, the clean lyrics with a lot of emotion and even the cadence in parts. Justin’s vocals are softer. I love how it centers on the voice and the melody and when the bass comes around the 2:07 mark, it just adds the special something.  -Pet


Talk about a talented man. I have listened to his previous bands and one of my favorite songs from SYR is Autumn Rain and it isn’t only because I have a vagina. It is a beautiful song .

I was honored to listen to this song in its very raw version and Justin just wow’d me. This song immediately touched me and I need to mention that his voice is panty melting (Justin, if you are reading this, I am officially your first groupie!) I loved this song, it truly touched me. I feel the struggle, hope and the pain of having something so close but yet it is still so out of reach. I am digging his style and the rawness of his music. What can’t this guy do? I can’t wait to hear the rest of his songs.  -Kristie


The songs from his prior bands was the shit. But, this single, is my jam. His voice draws you in and I want to hear more. Justin's talent, be it photography, modeling or music amazes me. -DD


The voice I listened to for 12 hours in the car from Colorado to Vegas turned absolutely magical in this song.  This single gave me goosebumps and chills... and some swoons.  Can't wait for the rest of the album.  -ellie

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Full album releasing early 2017.

Listen here:

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