Consolation Prize (Forbidden Men #9) by Linda Kage

Don't you just hate it when someone destroys all your carefully made plans?

I mean, I had goals: college to graduate in one semester, a future I was working hard to reach, and an image of myself I wanted the world to see. My life was stacked into these precisely placed blocks. But then Colton Gamble came along and knocked them all askew.

I hated how he messed everything up, how he could hog all my attention whenever he was around, how he made my pulse quicken--but only because he ticked me off...not because I was attracted to him. Oh! And I hated how he knew how attractive he was too, the shallow, full of himself, doesn't take no for an answer, too-flirty, too cocky, extremely irritating jerk.

The boy had all the qualities that turned me off. Or so I thought.

One night he wasn't quite the brainless, over-confident jerk I usually took him for.

One night, he took care of me when I was at my lowest. He opened up to me and made me open up to him.

Now I'm learning maybe he's not what I first thought he was. And maybe I'M not what I first thought I was. Maybe it’s okay to rearrange a couple of my perfectly set blocks. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll stop worrying about what I’m afraid everyone else will think and finally reach for something I really want. It’s possible some of my plans need to be destroyed, and Colton Gamble is exactly the kind of mess I need in my life.

What do you think? Should I give him a try?

Desperately seeking your advice,
Julianna Radcliffe

Pet’s $0.02

Finally getting my hands on this book was like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one!

I was just the teensiest bit apprehensive about this one because Julianna was the chick that shamelessly flirted with Brandt in Priceless and I did NOT like her moving in on Sarah’s man! It didn’t help that she was STILL eye fucking him at his wedding! So, I was not in a good place with her right off the bat in this book.

But, this is Colton’s story….which means it’s fucking awesome without even trying. If you’ve read any of the prior Forbidden Men books by Kage, you already know Colton.  If you haven’t…Colton is Brandt’s little brother and one of the most entertaining of all the Forbidden Men barring Ten….and I’m just going to say he and Ten may be pushing Pick out of my top spot! I know…I didn’t think it could happen, but there you are…

Colton is one of those guys who comes across as completely confident…almost arrogant. But at only 18 he has seen and experienced shit in his short life that has made him grow up way faster than he should have. He carries around a huge amount of guilt for things that happened to Brandt and a lot of his bravado and posturing is just for show, hiding how he always feels like he isn’t worthy of the love the rest of the family and friends have for him. But you cannot help liking Colton. He’s like a completely lovable puppy that jumps all over you looking for validation and love and that you can’t help laughing with.  Life with Colton is messy and unexpected and full of fun.

As I said, Julianna is still hung up on Brandt, which just makes me stabby…. She needs to get over the fact that Brandt is in love with Sarah. Julianna has definitely noticed Colton, who has a unique ability to annoy the fuck out of her every time they meet, but she’s never really seen him as anything more than Brandt’s annoying little brother. I loved the interaction between the two of them… but I also worried, a lot…that she was only interested in Colton as a way to get closer to Brandt.

I didn’t think there was any way that these two could overcome all the challenges that Kage throws at them. You have family that would not or does not approve of their choices, comments made in haste that would be almost impossible to forgive or forget and all the issues that go along with being half of an inter-racial couple. Plus, if I were Colton, I think he’d be constantly worrying that he was the consolation prize for who Julianna really wanted.

 I shouldn’t have worried… Kage will have you loving Colton and Julianna’s story just as much as all of her other Forbidden Men and I’d be surprised if Colton doesn’t turn out to be one of your favorites too.


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