Sinner by Aubrey Irons


I’m going to make this angel fall from grace.

She’s my sweet temptation. The apple in the garden. Original sin.

Prim, proper, preacher’s daughter, saving-herself-for-marriage Evangeline Ellis.

She’s too inexperienced. Too innocent. Too pure.

But I’m going to take that pristine purity and I’m going to make it filthy with lust. I’m going to make it mine, and she’s going to beg me for more.

She’s only in Shelter Harbor for a few weeks. Her father’s already promised her to a man she’s never even met.

But she’s down the street from my bar, tempting me every time I think about her, and I’m losing my power to resist.

The hell with the consequences, with her being off-limits, and with her being promised to someone else.

I’d say someone should have warned her about a guy like me, but then, someone did.

I warned her.

If this is sin, take me to hell, because I’ll be damned if I let her go.


ellie's $0.02:

I feel like Aubrey Irons is one of the underdog authors of 2016.  She is, without a doubt in my book... one of the break thru authors in 2016.  She is one to watch.  I haven't read every one of her books... yet... but the ones that have come across my Kindle, I've seriously been very impressed.  And each one that comes through to me is stronger and stronger.  So this goes without saying, Sinner is my favorite one to date.


Rowan had me "rowan".... rolling... on the floor laughing.  Yeah, yeah... I'm not that punny.  Okay.  Seriously, I'm stopping now.  But the wit and sarcasm of Rowan is classic.   I'm pretty sure he is EVERYTHING I would want in a man.    He's funny.  He's alpha.  He's sweet.  He's genuine.  

Evangeline... well... yeah, she was hard for me to relate to initially.  Prim.  Proper.  Religious.  Everything I am not personally.  But all the same, she was intriguing to me.  And watching Rowan break her prim and proper ways was.... uh... yes.... awesome.


I was left feeling breathless with feelings.  The torment.  The anguish.  The chemistry.  The fire.  These two characters were opposite, but like magnets, neither could avoid each other (holy shit, that was cliche).


There is a very strong religious tone in this one.  Think the movie Footloose in a magnificently written, romantic but sexy book.  Never does the author try to sway the reader with the religion... it is part of the story and part of what makes it more angsty.  

Aubrey is a magnificent story teller.  I could read her books daily and meet her characters on a regular basis and never tire.  This is where my heart belongs.  With Aubrey.

Rowan for President!



“Eva, I’m fine.”


“Well, I don’t know how to tell you this, but you sort of look like you just got punched in the face.”