Into Her Fantasies by Angel Payne

She’s the I’ve-Got-This of Happy-Ever-After…until a perfect prince becomes her ultimate fantasy. 

Note: Each book of The Cimarron Series can be read as a stand-alone story, though some readers may enjoy the continuity of secondary characters when reading the books in order. Every novel is a stand-alone story with a happy ending. 

Book 3 of the series is the explosive love story of Prince Shiraz Cimarron and headstrong American Lucina Fava… 

He’s just a client… 
So Lucy Fava tells herself when arriving on the Island of Arcadia, desperate to save her wedding planning company by securing the year’s biggest bash: a double Cimarron wedding. But first she must impress the man holding the kingdom’s purse strings: Prince Shiraz Cimarron. 

Beyond beautiful and unspeakably alpha, the enigmatic male ignites every drop of Lucy’s blood—and a flood of dark, dangerous fantasies. She vows to leave Arcadia as soon as possible, but when Mother Nature grounds her, she can’t resist a taste of her fiery desire for Shiraz. 

It’s just a fling… 
The words become Lucy’s mantra, even as she discovers the man beneath the three-piece suits, the soul hidden in his perfect body, the lover beyond his regal kisses. The dominant fantasy she’s craved her entire life… 

It will change her forever. 
When real-life pierces their passionate bubble, Lucy realizes how deeply seduction has become addiction, passion has turned into need…attraction has deepened to love. But Shiraz has promised to be his country’s hero by following through on a loveless marriage, meaning it’s time for Lucy to cut her losses and run. Should be easy. She’s done this a thousand times before. 

Only never like this. 

Never while cutting out her heart at the same time. 


ellie's $0.02:

This is my first Angel Payne read and I'm pretty stoked she yanked out all of my fingernails until I read one of her books... thank God she didn't go for my eyes, that would have been tough reading.

This book has it all.  Well, not murder.  Or ghosts.  Or zombies.  But almost everything else.

I've discovered with this discovery (whatever, it's called repetition), that Angel is the master of writing a sizzling, yet humorous, yet super sexy, yet super romantic, yet engaging, yet emotional, yet thrilling love story.  I'm impressed.  Super impressed.  AND... it's a story about a prince.  A PRINCE.  A MOTHER FUCKING PRINCE.  I never thought I would like a princey book... but this prince is hot and alpha... and I imagine he looks like Mariano Di Vaio (reference pic below).

One minute she is writing like a Harlequin romance.  Then next is old movie references with humorous one-liners.  Then we hit emotional tears.  Then we get to plain ol' dirty dominant sex talk complete with "Master." Wowza.  Like I said... you get a little of everything in this one.



“That’s acceptable.” I swung over, bumping his elbow with my shoulder. “Ferris Bueller, you’re my hero.”

“Fair is what?”

“Never mind.” I laughed then mumbled, “But as soon as you and your little bro have saved a few kittens and knocked back a few gallons of nectar, he needs to get this place some Netflix premium.”


“Not important,” I reassured. “Really, Your Highness.”




So aside from all that.  The plot was intriguing and realistic with enough spin to keep me engaged and entertained.  It was like a super sexy Coming To America (see... I can do movie references too).  The pacing is upbeat and the writing swings from the uber romantic Harlequin style to throwing down a rap (not quite that extreme, but whatever).

Pretty much this is a solid win for me.  Even if it's princey.  It's hottie.  It's fun.  And it's VERY WELL WRITTEN.




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