Love is Free - upcoming single by Gasoline Lollipops

#TuneInThursday at LNB we bring you the new upcoming single Love Is Free by Gasoline Lollipops!  This will be on their new upcoming album Resurrection releasing early 2017.


Resurrection is the concluding chapter in a trilogy that began with Death and Dawn, two records that combine brooding, introspective ballads with rambling outlaw country rocker tunes that showcase electrifying musicianship" - 5280 Magazine


For anyone in the Colorado area, be sure to catch their Resurrection album release party at Fox Theatre in Boulder on February 14, 2017.  Contact us for tickets!


LNB $0.02:

This runs that fine line of rockabilly that could almost be classified as country but really leans more heavily to the rockabilly side. I love Clay’s voice in this and love how it flips from the smooth vocals at the beginning to the grittier chorus. I love the almost echoed vocals and the way they reverberate. I think GL need to come to Columbus to play…. I’ll promote the hell out of them. - Petra


Clay's voice is hypnotic.  - Deenie


My commute is approximately 45 minutes from work to home. I listened to Love is Free all the way home. Not sure how many times that equals, but the music and Clay's voice sucked me in. Is it me or do I hear a mix of Chris Stapelton and Elvis and I confess, I may have chair danced. I stupidly missed out on purchasing their CDs at LNV16, but after listening to Love is Free, I ordered both. - Kristie

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