One (Love by Numbers #5) by E.S. Carter


One click.
One perfect frame.
That's all it takes to capture an eternal moment; although most people let them pass by without acknowledgement.
I don't waste any.
Not a single one.
If I see something of beauty, I want to experience it, feel it and immortalise it.
If I see someone of beauty, I want to taste them, worship them and memorise them.
I don't have a type, if I like you, I like you.
I don't have a preference.
My bisexuality is a gift, not a defect.
It's the freedom to see beyond gender.
One blink.
One touch.
One night.
Life is filled with so many ones.
One chance to get things right.
One life to live as you choose.
One decision that gives you acceptance.
One person to fill the emptiness.
Just one?
Nah, like I said, life is full of ones.
My camera lets me focus on the good times; I develop from life's negatives and if things don't work out, I just take another shot.
Who needs just one?

Book #5 in the 'Love by Numbers' series.
Can be read as a standalone.

ellie's $0.02:

This was a new series and new author to me.  Yeah, yeah... it is Book 5 and I haven't read the first four.  Shoot me.  Zing... pun intended.... Get it... look at the cover... "SHOOT" me.  Okay.  Moving on.

At any rate.  New author.  New series.  New to me.  I was super super super psyched I stumbled on this one.  This is a motha fucking winning find.  And winning author.   This one is a M/M read, but it's not about the M/M aspect so much as just a really fucking well told love story.  I just about fell over I was so impressed with this one.  I may have fallen over, but don't tell anyone that.

This is a pure love story between two public figures, top in their fields.  A famous, fabulous, in-demand photographer and an equally famous, sexy, hot fitness model (cue in a tortured soul trait right here).   The story is pure, emotional, and so fucking real it nearly tore me apart.  Nearly.  This concept, the plot, the story telling was all new to me and I'm in sheer bliss having found this book.  I have literally fallen in love with these two main characters.  And the author.  Never forget the author.

Magnificently written story and cannot wait to go back and read the first four now.



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