Desperate Measures by Staci Hart


* 11,000 word novella *

A girl's got to have priorities, even in the zombie apocalypse, including, but not limited to:

1) Cheese Doodles
2) Trusty dog
3) Swedish porn
4) Batteries

Annie's survived for two years all by herself. But what she finds when she finally leaves her shelter is better than all of the above.

ellie's $0.02:

Did you read seeing this is a 11k word novella?  In other words.. quick read.  Quick is not necessarily bad.  Sometimes we just need a quickie.  And this is a perfect quickie.  Filled my need of some zombie love, some apocalypse love, and some lovin' in general.  Yup.  Incorporates it all.  I always wondered about sex during the zombie apocalypse and now I got my taste I needed.

Great pickup to read in between life shizz (because they don't have a life in the apocalypse) ... and even made me giggle a little.  Ew and gross.  Little Debbie snack cakes or whatever, survived all that time in that bunker basement.  That alone is the most disturbing thing ever.

Now I just need to know if zombies can have sex with other zombies.



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