Knocked Out By Love (Love to the Extreme #5) by Abby Niles

Brody Minton has loved Scarlett Harris for years. But she’s his best friend’s wife, so he’s worked hard to keep his distance. Hearing the marriage is over shouldn’t change anything. Only an ass would make a move on a friend’s ex… Except Scarlett wants help getting back in the dating game, and Brody’s torn. If he helps her out, he can keep an eye on her and guard her vulnerable heart. But having the woman he’s longed for for years in arms’ reach is hell on a man’s restraint, no matter how iron strong his will.

But loving Scarlett is only half the fight.

All Scarlett Harris wants is to get away for a while and rethink her life after filing for divorce from her lying, cheating bastard of a husband. The gorgeous Bahamas sounds like the perfect escape, except she’s booked in very resort Brody “The Iron” Minton is staying at for his sister’s wedding. Now her ex’s best friend is dogging her every move, and is a witness to her first pathetic attempts at flirting in years. If Brody isn’t going to leave her alone, then she’ll just recruit him to help get her reacquainted with her single self.

Pet’s $0.02

Let’s just level set by saying that Scarlett’s ex is a rat bastard! Okay, let’s move on.

Scarlett put up with way more from her ex than I think any woman should have to. From negative, hurtful comments to being blamed for being unable to get pregnant…. Fuck him… it takes two. I think she may have been a little premature in hooking up with Brody, but when you’re hurt like she’s been you can forgive her for wanting to live a little and maybe feel good about herself again.

That’s where Brody comes in. I’m not sure if you remember Brody from the earlier books, but I love Brody. He’s just a nice guy. That seems a little weird to say when he makes his living beating the shit of other men in the ring, but everyone has to make a living somehow right? And he has a white, fluffy Persian kitty named Princess for fuck sake! How can you not love a man who’s not afraid to love on the kitty…?

Things are strained between Brody and Scarlett when he sees her again in Hawaii. He and Scarlett used to be best friends…Brody would like to think they still are but knows that he hasn’t been much of a friend to her lately. See, Brody has always wanted more with Scarlett, but he was also stand up enough to know that was never going to happen with his best bud’s wife. Now that she’s no longer his wife, all bets are off and I loved how he built her back up after her disaster of a marriage. Unfortunately, he’s also been mostly absent from Scarlett’s life over the last year and this raises a lot of questions for Scarlett and on just how far she can trust him and how much he knows about what’s been going on with her and her ex. Honestly, I wondered how much he knew too. Because I was all ready to hate if it was more than I thought…

In this series, the men are burly, the situations are realistic and the feelings are raw in every one of them. Families step in where they have no business and decisions are made without all the facts, but it will keep you hooked from beginning to end. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite book from the Love to the Extreme series but this is definitely in the top two.

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