Levi's Blue by M. Leighton


Four beautiful days. Three steamy nights. One breathtaking love.

Levi Michaelson.

He wanted four dates. Four opportunities to prove I could trust him. Four chances to change my mind about him.

I agreed.

Probably not my smartest decision. He was everything I knew to avoid—gorgeous, charming, sexy as hell—but I couldn’t help myself. When he touched me the whole world disappeared. I should’ve known I could lose myself to him, that he could be the one man to destroy me.

I guess it’s true what they say—some things are too good to be true. And Levi Michaelson might just be one of them.

Pet's $0.02:

This synopsis leaves a lot out of what makes this book so good. There are reasons that Evie has had terrible luck in the dating scene and if I was her, I’d be very fucking wary of giving anyone the benefit of the doubt too…but I’m not going to give that way here. Let’s just say that Leighton did a great job of making you feel why Evie had such a poor outlook on dating and why Levi made some of his decisions to omit information while getting to know Evie.

The way that Evie and Levi meet will not give you warm fuzzies. Evie almost takes a header walking into her first showing and Levi saves her… he also flirts with her… a lot. The problem is he’s there with someone else, and I’ll just say that she gives cunt whole new meaning… Julianne makes you question Levi’s ability to be out by himself and make his own decisions….because it’s obvious with his choice to date her, he needs some serious supervision. One thing that Levi does excel at is groveling….and the level of groveling that’s necessary by the end of this book to repair their relationship is epic, so he’s got that going for him.

Luckily Evie has Cherelyn, her best friend, to be her support, her cheerleader, her confidant and her shoulder to cry on. After Evie, she was probably my favorite character, even before Levi. She was funny as hell and truly had Evie’s back. I’m hoping that Leighton does a second book for her… her book I would definitely read. Cherelyn also doesn’t pull any punches when things go south with Evie and Levi. I appreciated her being there for Evie but offering alternate view points that defended Levi. She was definitely the voice of reason since emotions were way too high for Evie and Levi to think through rationally.

Some of the twists in the book were pretty easy to figure out and of course the requisite skank was present…but that won’t take anything away from your enjoyment of this book. Evie and Levi were easy to like, fun to read and you’ll root for them to make it through all the bullshit.



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